Sorry for being slow answering messages.

I’m not very active on here but I’ll make an effort to put up some downloads/try and fix my previous crap (the corset, uni-life hoodie, etc).

I’m also visiting family in early August so I’ll be gone for two to three weeks as well. I’M SURE I WILL BE DEARLY MISSED hahaha no

HAS ANYONE ELSE BEEN TO LABRADOR? I don’t want to be eaten alive by black flies D:

Anonymous asked:
We're did You Get the 3D Skirt from the Model of the 3D Top

I assume you mean the tank top corset thing and if so, the tutu is a Vindictus conversion I was working on that I haven’t had time to fix as I don’t really play sims much, but it’s on my priority list along with fixing some other stuff when I have time. The other long skirt is by Anubis360.

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thecnih asked:
i ship you with gaming keyboards because you know how to make them your beeotwch and win games. XD lol hahhaha

KEYBOARDS FOREVER. It’s hard to go back to a controller after a mouse and keyboard.



It can also be fictional.

Did some editing.


simguruturtledove said: Ahh, the feminism tag is about that 4chan attack, isn’t it?

Nah. The 4chan thing doesn’t worry me in the slightest. It’s more…like topics of religion/politics and such, feminism always sparks a huge, never ending argument because no one will ever agree and I just find it silly. I have no problem with people discussing it, just I come on tumblr to see cats, games, writing, art, Sims stuff, etc and to talk to friends. :3

kosmokhaos said: LOL but don’t you want to hear about all the people whining over how they don’t have the demo? D: Or see all the plastic simmies?

I simply can’t bare to see any more of that awful potato hair. HOW COULD ANYONE THINK IT LOOKS GOOD LIKE THERE IS CARTOONY BUT THEN THERE IS…THE POTATO HAIR!


plumbponette said: Lollllll I have it blocked too

I’m glad I’m not the only one :>

Anonymous asked:
just wondering why you have feminism blacklisted?

Because it’s just all constant arguing, over and over that never ends. I like the people I follow so this is a good way to get a less dramatic dash while still following them.

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Anonymous asked:
When you were installing Cinema 4d did you have to register it?

Yes. I entered one of the keys provided in the .rtf file. Did the one you download come with any keys?

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